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Christian "kiko" Celis is your man for the job. Based in Calgary, Alberta. Kiko and his creative team live for the thrill of capturing the vibrance of sound, the layers of emotion that color the canvas that is both art and life in the making. Kiko prides himself in the passion and professionalism that he lends over to the craft of immortalizing and characterizing places, faces, things, and events.

Kiko Celis Photography marries the element of romantic photojournalism with traditional formal photography in intimately yet unobtrusively rendering both the natural and dramatic. As an artist, Kiko values working closely with his subjects to recognize their distinct qualities and allow their individual styles to become the voices in images that ultimately speak for themselves.

Ever dynamic and expertly proficient in the use of light and exposure, Kiko delivers fun, stylish prints of uncompromised quality be it in the studio setup, a nature setting, indoors, or wherever unique environment your milestones choose to unfold.

Kiko has an overflowing of exciting concepts up his sleeve and a wide array of wedding, portrait (not to mention fashion, food, and interiors) photography packages for your pleasure and convenience. Whether you’re in the nitty gritty of planning your big day, looking to feature sceneries, interiors, culinary feats, or thinking to try some self-expression, you’d wanna let Kiko in on the picture. Because then it won’t be just as you remembered it, or imagined it would be — it will turn out even better.

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